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You are here to make a damn difference through the work you do. I work with phenomenal leaders, teachers, and entrepreneurs who believe the work they are doing impacts change globally and wholistically.

Launch Affair | Happily Ever After | Selling in Sync

Let’s be real: You didn’t get into this business because you love to sell.

You believe in your power to transform people’s lives — and selling is just an unfortunate necessity to get there, amirite?

You don’t want to ‘pitch people’ in your webinars, videos, or discovery calls — in fact, you wish you knew a better way to either position your pitch so it didn’t feel so clunky or just have someone magically do it for you.

And now that you’re in the middle of launching your offer, the last thing you want to do is have your schedule bogged down with sales calls WHILE making sure you’re showing up and promoting — which brings in more sales calls! You need to be available and on it to see where the launch needs a pivot, not drowning in calendar notifications for phone calls.

In the end, you don’t know how you’re going to get it all done without burning the F out and wishing you didn’t have to ‘launch’ ever again!

This is where I come in.

We want to sweep your clients off their feet, and Launch Affair is a bespoke service tailored to your individual needs that could include:

  • One-on-one work to develop the entire live sales process of your next launch from start to finish
  • Crafting your enrollment experience from opt-in to glowing testimonial
  • Identifying any sales gaps that may lead potential customers astray
  • Perfecting your live sales strategy — including upsells, downsells and cross-sells
  • Auditing/Consulting on the pitch of your webinar so that it’s crystal clear and converts
  • Scripting your sales calls and role playing sales conversations with you
  • Real time sales coaching through the entire launch to help tweak the pitches as needed

Because I take the lead, you don’t have to worry about finding the time to train a sales person — I essentially train myself through the process of coaching you and so I can help you identify, train, develop, and manage your sales team through your launch!  

Our goal is to create heart pounding excitement every step of the way, so that your ideal clients can’t wait to work with you.

Even if you’ve done the sales portion of your launch on your own in the past (and ended up feeling exhausted every single time), you can make a much larger impact by letting me give your launch some serious love.

 Devise an epic enrollment experience with me from first touch to testimonial through the Happily Ever After service for evergreen products and services.

If you’re constantly working to fill your funnel with leads and booking calls, but you’d like to book more, this service can help you examine the entire sales process and experience to create sales that sweep your perfect customers off their feet. As a result, we’ll get more hits and traffic, more conversions, and increase enrollment.

It all begins with a SALES CALL SYSTEM AUDIT where we will audit your entire system, provide a detailed report on our findings with clear solutions to resolve, then hop on a call together to walk through the next step of implementing the directions we’ve provided. We’ll  identify gaps in your current enrollment experience from:

  • Ask to Application
  • Application to Appointment
  • Appointment To Showing Up (Scripting for missed appointments/ non-booked)
  • Discovery Call to Sale
  • Sale To Onboarding Experience
  • Onboarding to completion and surveys or testimonials

Everyone can become a better seller, and I can help you identify all the opportunities you may be missing in your current funnel.

Already have a sales staff that needs some loving? Looking to create an internal sales team?

Imagine having your own sales manager (me!) to care for your team so you can focus on your business. I can help you create the perfect sales staff to love your customers as much as you do. I’ve hired and managed literally hundreds of stellar sales people, so I know not only how to spot potential, but also how to nurture them into selling superstars.

This customized service could include:

  • Identifying and hiring the right people for the job based on your specific core values — and ensuring that they are a great fit to sell for you.
  • Teaching and training your sales staff (new or existing) — including writing scripts, overcoming objections, role playing, customer service and more.
  • Making adjustments and improvements to your existing sales process to ensure an epic enrollment experience for your customers.
  • Monitoring performance and progress to make sure we’re taking advantage of every opportunity.